public administration ethical principles

principle of public service

Public employees must work exclusively at the service of the community and citizens, always placing public interest over individual or group interests.

principle of legality

Public employees must act according to constitutional principles and in accordance with the law.

Principle of Loyalty

In performing their duties, public employees must act with loyalty, solidarity and in a spirit of cooperation.

Principle of Integrity

Public employees must respect the criteria of personal honesty and integrity.

principle of justice and impartiality

In performing their duties, public employees should deal fairly and impartially with all citizens, acting according to strict principles of neutrality.

principle of equality

Public employees may not benefit or prejudice any citizen for reasons of lineage, gender, race, language, political convictions, ideologies or religion, economic situation or social condition.

principle of proportionality

In performing their duties, public employees may only request from the citizens that which is indispensable to perform their administrative work.

principle of collaboration and good faith

In performing their duties, public employees should collaborate with citizens, according to the good faith principle, with a view to implementing community interest and encouraging it to participate in administrative activities.

principle of information and quality

Public employees must provide information and/or explanations clearly, simply, courteously and quickly.

principle of competency and responsibility

Public employees must act responsibly and competently, be dedicated and critical in their mission, always working towards professional betterment.