performance of functions


Management Staff are subject to overall performance assessment pursuant to the Public Administration Managers’ Performance Appraisal Subsystem (SIADAP 2 in Portuguese).


The performance of management positions is, as a rule, fulfilled, on an exclusivity basis system, which shall entail the incompatibility of the management position with any other public or private duties, whether paid or not.

Exceptions to this rule, accumulation of functions legally allowed are as follows:

  • Participation in commissions or working groups;
  • Participation in advisory bodies, auditing bodies or supervision and control of public monies;
  • Research and teaching activities of duration not longer than that set by order of the Government members responsible for Finance, Public Administration and Education and that, without prejudice to compliance with the weekly working schedule, shall not overlap in more than one-fourth the working hours inherent to the main function;
  • Conferences, lectures, short-term training sessions and any other activities of a similar nature.

Infringement of these rules shall entail grounds for termination of the tenure.

incompatibilities, impediments and inhibitions

Management Staff is subject to the system of incompatibilities, inhibitions and impediments provided for in regulatory provisions of conflicts of interest resulting from the fulfilment of public duties.