planning and resource management

The public employer, within the scope of the annual management plan and based on the mission, tasks, strategy, objectives set, organic units competencies and available financial resources, plans activities of a permanent and/or temporary nature and respective form of implementation.

In this regard, the planning activity involves the comprehension of the organization’s complexity, its functions, needs and challenges taking into consideration the available resources.

The staff lists, while major resource management tools, must reflect this annual planning, namely possible changes in the organization’s flexible structure, necessarily accompanying the respective draft budget.

As regards the staff expenditure budgeting the charges related to the following items must be provided for:

  • Compensations;
  • Work posts set out in staff lists for which recruitment is predicted;
  • Pay step changes;
  • Performance bonuses.

The decision on the maximum amount to be allotted to each one of the types of charges is up to the top manager of the service. He/She may choose for the full allotment of appropriations to only one of the types of charges, without prejudice to those related to compensations and compulsory pay steps changes, which must be safeguarded.

This decision, that identifies the appropriations allotted to each one of the type of charge is taken within the 15 days after the start of the budget implementation but may be changed along the same under the following terms:

  • When the total appropriations intended to bear the charges related to recruitments and pay steps changes is not spent, the remaining shall be added to the appropriations destined to bear the charges related to performance bonuses;
  • The amounts budgeted for the recruitment, pay step changes and performance bonuses shall not be spent to make up budget shortfalls that may be verified in the remaining staff expenditure;
  • Whenever in the course of the budget year the permanent vacancy of work pots predicted in the staff list is verified, the corresponding budget appropriations may be added to the amount predicted for the charges related to staff recruitment.