rights and duties

Public employees performing public functions are entitled to form trade union associations at every level for protection and promotion of their socio-professional interests. Trade union associations cover trade unions, federations, unions and confederations that acquire legal personality by the registration of their statutes at the ministry responsible for labour area.

Trade union associations are entitled to:

  • conclude collective labour agreements;
  • provide services of an economic and social nature to their members;
  • participate in the drawing up of labour legislation;
  • participate in procedures related to public employees within the scope of reorganization processes of bodies or services;
  • establish relations or join international trade unions organizations.

Public employees and trade unions are entitled to develop trade union activities inside the public employer body or service, namely through trade union representatives, trade union committees and inter-trade union committees. However, the exercise of this right shall not jeopardize the pursuit of the public interest or the regular functioning of bodies or services.

It is incumbent upon trade union associations to:  

  • exercise the rights provided for in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and in the General Labour Law in Public Functions;
  • Comply with their statutes.