According to the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic every employee is entitled to compensation for his/her work in accordance with its volume, nature and quality, with respect for the principle of equal pay for equal work and in such a way as to ensure a proper living.

Compensation shall be due with the commencement of the fulfilment of functions and ends with the termination of the public employment relationship. The right to compensation may only be, total or partially, suspended under the terms and conditions defined by law.

The compensation of public employees with public employment relationship shall be composed of:

  • Basic salary;
  • Pay supplements;
  • Performance bonuses.

Basic salary is the cash amount corresponding to the compensation level of the pay step where the public employee is placed in the category of which is holder or of the position fulfilled under limited executive tenure.

The annual basic salary is paid in 14 monthly payments, corresponding one of them to the Christmas allowance and the other one to the Holiday allowance, pursuant to the law.

The single pay scale contains the total pay steps and the cash amount corresponding to each one that may be used in the setting of the basic salary of public employees fulfilling public functions under public employment relationship. It is approved by joint order of the Prime Minister and the Government member responsible for Finance area.

The single pay scale shall not predict compensation levels of amount lower than that of the minimum guaranteed monthly pay (2023 = €769.20 – 2024 = €820,00).