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09-11-2018 Support and Information Tools for migrants and services. An App MyCNAIM (available on Google and Apple stores)

It's a three languages mobile app (Portuguese, Arab and English), where immigrants, EU citizens, and refugees may have access to diverse  information (migratory situation regularization, housing, health, education, academic qualifications recognition and other), as well as to resources such as the online Portuguese Platform or Refujobs - Employment, Entrepreneurship and Training Platform or still access to  CICDR - Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination.

Available for IOS and Android systems, the App MyCNAIM makes also available, through the georeferencing system, services such as National and Local Migrants Integration Support Centres, immigrants associations, professional insertion offices, refugees associations, etc...



The Migrant Fórum (available at

It's a meeting place for all those who need to clarify doubts regarding different integration áreas. The  Migrant Forum is a three languages online platform that allows for useful information sharing, previously validated by the High Commission for Migration, in which answers are presented as FAQ or Tutorial Videos.

09-11-2018 Innovation Incentives System in Public Management (SIIGeP)

By initiative of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization and the Finances Ministry, the Portuguese Government has set up an Innovation Incentives System in Public Management.

Passed by Order n.o 186/2018, 27th June, the incentives  aim to stimulate innovative practices in public management in the following areas:

a) Human resources development;

b) Improvement of working environments;

c) Management models development.