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17-06-2019 3 aligned Programme for the professional, personal and family reconciliation 2018-2019

The three aligned Programme aims to promote a better balance between the professional, personal and family life, as a condition for an effective equality between men and women and for a full citizenship, that enables the making of free choices in all spheres of life. The importance of this balance is recognized in the Social Rights European Pillar as one of the fair working conditions.

The programme targets to improve the well-being index, in the indicator "Work life balance" (INE- Statistics Portugal) that has been decreasing since 2011. 

Improve reconciliation of the professional, personal and family life will favour the reduction of absenteeism, the increase of productivity and the talent retention, contributing also to the demographic sustainability.

It deals with of a cultural change that requires calling all society and entering into a collective commitment with short, medium and long term impact measures. For this reason, such programme represents a joint effort from the Government, public and private companies and central and local public administration entities.

The 3 aligned Programme is structured in four pillars:

  • Pillar 1 - Impact for the reconciliation- aggregates measures that mobilize different employer types for the development of practices promoters of reconciliation and for their dissemination.
  • Pillar 2 - Reconciling in the Public Administration - aggregates measures that represent the commitment of central and local Public Administration to the reconciliation promotion.
  • Pillar 3 - Facilities, services and incentives for the reconciliation - aggregates instruments that favour reconciliation, namely in the care, education, transport and health areas.
  • Pillar 4 - Knowing for reconciling - aggregates measures leading to the knowledge production and to the respective dissemination, liable to support the development of new actions.

Therefore, the programme includes transversal and sectoral measures, pilot-projects and generalized application measures, with different recipients: public, social and private organizations, women and men in the different phases of their lifespan (children, young people, adults and elderly people and families in their variety of models.

The impact of this programme will be assessed three years after its launch.

17-06-2019 New Open Competition Procedures’ Order

A new order that rules the legal steps of the open competition procedure under the terms provided for in the General Labour Law in Public Functions was published in April (Order No 125-A/2019, 30 April).

The referred to order aims to adjust the recruitment procedure to the to the current reality, by conciliating the simplification and procedural streamlining, fundamental to meet the services' needs with the minimum of administrative burden, with all guarantees of candidates in terms of transparency and equal opportunities. Furthermore, it intends to:

  • Speed up and simplify the legal steps of open competition procedures, through the preferential use of electronic means;
  • Clarify the open competition procedure modalities, automatizing and regulating the legal steps of the centralized recruitment to meet the needs of a set of public employers;
  • Identify the Directorate General for Qualification of Workers in Public Functions - INA as the centralizing recruitment entity, with a view to rationalizing human and financial means in the carrying out of open competition procedures, by making them speedier and a more uniform and equitable application of selection methods;
  • Update the jury's composition and operational rules, for a speedier operationalization of recruitment procedures.

The decision of the Government members responsible for Finance and Public Administration areas that approves the "contingent" defined for the authorized recruitment consolidated global annual list in 2019 (1,000 new admissions)  was also published, alongside with this new order.

For 2019, recruitment for the "professionals" general regime career with transversal competencies profiles in juridical, economic and financial, planning, control and assessment, international relations and political science, as well as statistics areas, shall be carried out by the Directorate General for Qualification of Workers in Public Functions - INA, as  the centralizing recruitment entity, by way of centralized recruitment procedure.

The approved list does not exhaust all public services' workers recruitment needs, and other recruitments may occur subject to prior assessment and corresponding required legal authorizations.

09-11-2018 Support and Information Tools for migrants and services. An App MyCNAIM (available on Google and Apple stores)

It's a three languages mobile app (Portuguese, Arab and English), where immigrants, EU citizens, and refugees may have access to diverse  information (migratory situation regularization, housing, health, education, academic qualifications recognition and other), as well as to resources such as the online Portuguese Platform or Refujobs - Employment, Entrepreneurship and Training Platform or still access to  CICDR - Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination.

Available for IOS and Android systems, the App MyCNAIM makes also available, through the georeferencing system, services such as National and Local Migrants Integration Support Centres, immigrants associations, professional insertion offices, refugees associations, etc...



The Migrant Fórum (available at

It's a meeting place for all those who need to clarify doubts regarding different integration áreas. The  Migrant Forum is a three languages online platform that allows for useful information sharing, previously validated by the High Commission for Migration, in which answers are presented as FAQ or Tutorial Videos.

09-11-2018 Innovation Incentives System in Public Management (SIIGeP)

By initiative of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization and the Finances Ministry, the Portuguese Government has set up an Innovation Incentives System in Public Management.

Passed by Order n.o 186/2018, 27th June, the incentives  aim to stimulate innovative practices in public management in the following areas:

a) Human resources development;

b) Improvement of working environments;

c) Management models development.