mission charter

1. organization mission 

DGAEP supports the public administration policy making in the organizational development, public organizations governance, and employment and social protection systems of employees in public functions areas. In addition, it also supports human resources management and pay policies as well as production of public employment statistics. Besides, DGAEP ensures information disclosure, promotes adopted measures and contributes to assessing their implementation.

2. main services provided

  • Technical and consultancy support within the scope of public employment systems, performance assessment, social protection and collective relations, as well as organizational structures and service assessment;
  • Technical support to human resources management and development;
  • Support to pay policy making and merit recognition;
  • Planning, public employment control and assessment, including the disclosure of statistical information;
  • Information management and provision on public administration and its human resources;
  • Research on public policies within the scope of public administration and public management.

3. strategic guidelines

DGAEP focuses its activity:

  • Within the scope of public employment policies and state administration organization;
  • Within the scope of public administration management general guidelines:
  • Process improvement and simplification of organizational structure;
  • Improvement of supporting activities;
  • Cost control and reduction;
  • Strengthening of management instruments.