mission and vision


The Directorate-General for Administration and Public Employment (DGAEP) is the public administration service with responsibilities in the human resources management area.

Its mission is to support the definition of policies for public administration with regard to organization and management, employment and human resources management schemes as well as to ensure information provision and promotion of adopted measures and contribute to assessing their implementation.

It is a transversal service of direct state administration included in the government area of the Presidency. It is endowed with administrative autonomy, with functions of study, conception, coordination and specialized assistance to the government in defining public administration related policies.


Being regarded as a reference service for public administration.

it performs its activity in the following areas:

  • Employment systems, working conditions and social protection;
  • Pay policy;
  • Management, professional development and human resources appraisal;
  • Control and promotion of active public employment policies;
  • Collective labour relations policies definition and their implementation follow-up within public administration;
  • Study and dissemination of information relating to public employment and public administration organizational resources, namely through the availability of statistical information and data bases organization, management and development;
  • Research and study of public policies within the scope of administration and public management, as well as innovation and organizational development.