services’ reorganization

The reorganization processes may be carried out as follows:

  • Extinction, that occurs when, by resolution of a specific legal text, the service terminates all its activities without any transfer of tasks or competencies;
  • Merger, that occurs when, by resolution of a specific legal text, the total tasks and competencies is transferred from one or more services, that are extinguished, to one or more services already existing or to be set up;
  • Restructuring, that occurs when, by a specific act, the reorganization of services is carried out, that are maintained, having as an object the change of their legal nature or respective tasks, competencies or internal organic structure;
  • Staff streamlining, that occurs when, by decision of the service top manager or the Government member to whom is accountable, changes in the staff number, in careers or in the functional areas identified as necessary to the pursuit of the respective tasks are made. This process depends on the recognition, through a grounded act, and following an assessment process, of an existing mismatch between the permanent needs of the service or the pursuit of its objectives and the public employees who are assigned to it.

Besides the concepts of different services reorganization processes, the aforementioned system defines rules related to the start and term of the process, deadlines and destination of financial and logistical resources.

The procedures related to public employees of services that are the object of extinction, merger and restructuring or staff streamlining are those which are provided for in a specific legal text.