qualification and training

The fulfilment of management functions requires the necessary profile, experience and appropriate knowledge to perform respective duties, as well as having specific vocational training.

specific training for top managers

The fulfilment of management functions shall be accompanied by specific vocational training on management in public administration areas, which is ensured by the service responsible for vocational training in Public Administration (Directorate-General for Qualification of Employees in Public Functions - INA) and by higher education institutions.

This vocational training shall be attended during the first two years of fulfilment of functions or in the case of being impossible on grounds not imputable to the manager in the shortest term, focusing on the following competency areas:

  • Organization and administrative activity;
  • Management of human capital and leadership;
  • Management of human, budget, material and technological resources;
  • Information and Knowledge;
  • Quality, innovation and modernization;
  • Internationalization and community affairs;
  • Change management.

Specific courses for managers are as follows:

  • CAGEP - Advanced Course on Public Management.
    Designed for: top management positions.
  • FORGEP - Training Programme on Public Management.
    Designed for: middle management positions.
  • CADAP - Course for top management in the Public Administration.
    Designed for: holders of top and middle management positions as well as employees holders of a degree in central public administration.