pay supplements

Pay supplements are deemed as compensation increases due to the fulfilment of functions in work posts that have more demanding conditions with regard to other work posts characterized by identical position or by similar career and category.

Pay supplements are only due to the employees filling in work posts with more demanding working conditions while such conditions last and there is actual fulfilment of functions or as such deemed by law.

More demanding working conditions are:

  • Those registered in an exceptional and provisional way, namely those arising from the performance of supplementary, night work, on weekly rest days, complementary and public holidays and outside their normal workplace; or
  • Those registered in a permanent way, namely those resulting from the performance of hazardous, arduous and unhealthy work, shift work, in peripheral areas, with exemption from work schedule and of managers’ secretarial work.

The pay supplements shall be set in cash amounts and only exceptionally may be set in percentage of the monthly basic salary.

Pay supplements shall be paid 12 months per year when the situation that justifies its grant shall last for more than one year.

Compensation supplements are created by law, and may be regulated by collective labour regulation instrument.

Pay supplements in force are:

Allowance granted to compensate public employees handling amounts of cash and shortages

€ 86.29

Secretarial Board Staff

€ 116.63

Meal Allowance


Per Diem Allowance

Government Members

With basic salary higher than the amount
of the pay step 18

With basic salary that range between the amounts
of pay steps 18 and 9

Other public employees



€ 62.75

€ 51.05

€ 46.86


€ 167.07

€ 148.91

€ 131.54

€ 111.88

Transport Allowances

Transport by private car

Transport in vehicles assigned to public service careers

Transport in a rent a car

One public employee

Two public employees

three or more public employees




(km/each person)

(km/each person)

€ 0.40

€ 0.12

€ 0.38

€ 0.16

€ 0.12