remuneration scheme

Management staff remuneration is generally determined as a percentage of the standard value (100%) set for the director-general position. However, the management staff statute envisages that their remuneration be established in a specific legal text which may determine differentiated remuneration levels, according to the type of public service in which functions are fulfilled.

The identification of remuneration levels corresponding to basic remunerations of 3rd grade middle management or lower management positions is established in a specific organic or statutory legal text that so provides them.

Top and middle managers are entitled to representation expenses to the amount set by Prime-Minister’s order and the Government member responsible for Public Administration.

Managers’ Gross Remuneration




Representation Expenses


1st Grade Top Management Positions


€ 4,009.89

€ 835.49

€ 4,845.38

2nd Grade Top Management Positions


€ 3,408.41

€ 626.94

€ 4,035.35

1st Grade Middle Management Positions


€ 3,207.91

€ 334.19

€ 3,542.10

2nd Grade Middle Management Positions


€ 2,806.92

€ 209.17

€ 3,016.09