termination of the tenure

In addition to the cases of non-renewal, the tenure may still be terminated:

  • By taking office followed by the fulfilling of any position or function, except in cases and during the time in which suspension occurs or in which accumulation is allowed;
  • By extinction or reorganisation of the organic unit, unless the tenure is expressly maintained on a position of the same level that follows the former one;
  • By breach of norms related to the exclusivity, incompatibilities, impediments, inhibitions and accumulation regimes;
  • At the request of the interested party.

The tenure may be terminated at any time:

  • By decision based on non-supervening proof of suitable ability to ensure the performance of superiorly set guidelines, on the non-achievement of expected objectives, on the need to ensure new orientation to the management of services, on the need to change the policies to be pursued or on making said policies more efficient and on the non-provision of information or on the poor provision of such information whenever they are deemed essential to the accomplishment of Government’s global policy;
  • Following disciplinary proceedings in which a disciplinary sanction has been applied;
  • For non-attendance, due to an imputable cause or for non-successful attendance at compulsory vocational training;