staff lists

The staff list is a management instrument, annually drawn up, setting out the work posts number that the service needs for the development of its permanent or temporary activities.

In the case of decentralized services, the list is unfolded according to and in equal number to decentralized organic units.

As it is a staff list, the same must include the number of work posts strictly necessary for the carrying out of tasks and development of competencies and activities of the service. In this regard, work posts whose filling is not expectable in the course of the year in question shall not be predicted.

Each work post must be characterized according to:

  • Task, competence or activity that are aimed to fulfil or perform;
  • Position or career and category matching to them;
  • Academic or vocational training area that public employees must be holders, whenever indispensable;
  • Transversal competence profile of the respective career or category, supplemented by specific competences of the work post.

Characterization of each work post affects necessarily the opening notice terms of the open competition procedures for the vacant posts. Therefore, in relation to, namely, the holding of a determined academic or vocational training area, the same may only be required if it is previously provided for in the list.

The competence for the passage of the staff list is the responsibility of the competent entity for the passage of the draft budget. The changes establishing the increase of the work posts number are subject to prior authorization of the Government member to whom the body or service is accountable, inclusion under budget line and recognition of future sustainability by the Government member in charge of finance area.

Whenever the change arises from the return of a public employee entitled to the filling of a work post in the service of origin, pursuant to legal terms, the same is not subject to aforementioned authorizations, without prejudice to the necessary inclusion under budget line.

All services must make the staff list available by affixation in a specific place and publication in the respective webpage.