management positions - definition and competencies


Management positions are those of public services’ administration, management, coordination and control.

Management positions are ranked as top and middle management, subdivided, the former into two levels, and the latter in as many levels as the service internal organization so demands it, according to the hierarchical level, competencies and responsibilities assigned.


1st grade top management positions

2nd grade top management positions

Middle management positions


Deputy Director-General

Head of Department - 1st grade


Deputy Secretary-General

Head of Division - 2nd grade


Deputy Inspector-General

others - 3rd grade or lower




Services and bodies’ basic laws or statutes shall expressly set the management positions rank and level as well as their designation. In the case of 3rd level or lower middle management positions said laws shall also establish the corresponding competencies.


Top and middle managers exercise their competencies within the organic unit to which they are assigned and conduct their work in accordance with principles laid down in the manager’s law.

They also exercise all the specific competencies conferred by law, in the respective basic law and statutes, as well as those delegated to them and sub-delegated by the respective Government member or hierarchy above them.

Top managers are empowered with the responsibility for the internal organisation of services with the possibility of having flexible organic units created, changed or eliminated through official decision. Furthermore they were empowered to have the rules required for these organic units to function defined, as well as their coordination and, where appropriate, the way in which their common functions are shared.