management staff

Public Administration public services are managed by individual or collective boards with well-defined competencies.

As a rule, the management of those services as well as the respective units shall be carried out by staff to which the Management’s Statute shall apply with the exception of Public Institutes specific matters that are regulated by the corresponding framework law.

In the case of public institutes of special regime (qualified as such in the respective framework-law and/or in the corresponding organic) the law shall establish the possibility to apply the Public Company Managers’ Statute to their board members.

management staff statute

The principles underlying the management staff statute are based on a culture of merit and cross-sectional demand to the whole Public Administration. The aim is to have manager´s work orientated by quality, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency criteria integrated in a management by objectives and results-oriented.

Management Staff Statute shall apply to:

  • Direct State administration public services managers;
  • Public institutes managers, except for specific matters regulated by the respective framework law;
  • Autonomous Region of the Azores and Madeira managers, without prejudice to adaptation by way of regional legislative act;
  • Local administration managers, by way of adaptation act.