subsystem for the performance appraisal of managers (SIADAP 2)

The overall appraisal of managers (SIADAP 2) is carried out by appraisal cycles of five or three years in accordance with the duration of the tenure (five years for top managers and three years for middle managers). Such appraisal shall be made at the term of the tenure accompanied by an annual mid-term monitoring.

Mid-term monitoring shall correspond to the calendar year and entails the fulfilment of management functions for a period not less than six months.

This appraisal shall not take effect in their career of origin.

Top managers’ appraisal shall rely on the mission charters, based on parameters "degree of accomplishment of commitments" and of "competences" of leadership, strategic vision, external representation and management shown essential for a good performance in the highest public administration positions.

As regards results, the options adopted in the human resources management field and in the application of specific appraisal systems will be particularly relevant.

The results of top managers’ appraisal take effects in the renewal or termination of the tenure. Reference should be made to the fact that the non-application of SIADAP on grounds imputable to the services’ top managers shall entail the termination of respective tenures.

Middle managers’ appraisal shall be centered upon "results" accomplished as regards the objectives of the respective organic unit and the "competences" shown, which integrate ability for leadership and specialized and behavioral competencies.

Middle managers are appraised by their line manager or by the service’s top manager.

The results of middle managers’ appraisal take effects in the renewal or termination of the tenure.