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The Principles of Public Administration (2023)
Public Employment and­ Management - Towards a ­More Flexible Public Service (2023)
Public Employment and Management - The Future Of The Public Service (2021)
Ageing and Talent Management in European Public Administrations (2021)
COVID-19: protecting people and societies (2020)
Strengthening the Governance of Skills Systems: lessons from six countries (2020)
Recommendation of the Council on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (2019)
PUBLIC GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE Renewal of mandate, 2020-2024
Declaração sobre inovação no setor público (2019)
Recomendação do Conselho sobre Liderança e Competências na Função Pública (17 janeiro 2019)
Recommendation of the Council on Public Service Leadership and Capability ( 17 January 2019)
Government at a Glance (2015)
The Governance of inclusive growth (2015)
Pensions at a Glance (2011)
OECD Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service (2003)
The OECD Fights Corruption (2006)
Towards Better Measurement of Government
Public Sector Pensions and the Challenge of an Ageing Public Service
Performance-based Arrangements for Senior Civil Servants OECD and other Country Experiences
Study on the Political Involvement in Senior Staffing and on the Delineation of Responsibilities Between Ministers and Senior Civil Servants
OECD Employment Outlook (2008)
The state of the Public Service (2008)
Draft Recommendation on Principles for Transparency and integrity in Lobbying